We've tried to "TAG" each of our the resources with one or more relative descriptive tags to outline the specific subject matter of the item. Items may have more than one tag associated with them depending on the nature of the subject matter. These tags can allow you to see items about a specific subject by clicking directly on the tag link found in each item or on the menus.

Additionally, we have broken up the various safety resources into several base categories to assist you in finding the specific type of material you are looking for. You can choose from Toolbox Talks, Documents, Videos, Presentations and Images. Each item is labeled with the Category it has been assigned. To see similar types of items, you can click directly on the Category link published in the header of the resource or choose from one of the menus.

Categories describe the type of material or resource; tags describe and group items within relative or associated topics.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel there has been a mistake or omission in either the category or tags we've used on an item. We're here as a resource for you and certainly want to get you the relative information you are looking for to help ensure and encourage safety among others.

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Other Resources

Ergonomic Task Analysis Form

The form will assist you in analyzing various tasks in terms of ergonomics to prevent injuries.